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Jeremy is a highly experienced freelance professional photographer working directly with a wide range of businesses, from large companies to budding startups. He is known for his vibrant, and fresh photography, creating authentic portraits and strong visual narratives to help his clients marketing stand out. Feel free to get in touch to discuss your next photography or video project. 

Shooting unique and relevant corporate photography is a great way to strengthen your business's marketing narrative. Authentic imagery shot with your own staff will always resonate better with a target audience than stock imagery. 

Recent clients include NAB, JANA, Hubspot, CBHS Health,Iron Mountain, Chi-x & Johnson Winter Slattery. 

Industrial Photographer

Navigating the complexities of industrial photography demands a unique blend of adaptability and expertise. Jeremy's extensive experience in capturing compelling imagery within the dynamic settings of underground mines, secure bio labs, and busy construction sites demonstrates his ability to work safely, efficiently, and creatively amidst often challenging environments." 

Some of Jeremy's clients include GrainCorp, Skilled, CSR, CivilCast, SUEZ and the Small Business Commissioner NSW.

Portrait Photography

Great commercial portrait photography all require a narrative. Like a good song, we should be able to engage with a portrait and get something unique out of it. A good commercial and editorial photographer works seemingly effortlessly, to make talent feel unencumbered by the camera, while also thinking a hundred miles an hour to devise the best composition, styling and lighting...

Jeremy's blend of technical expertise and creative insight comes through when photographing real talent on location, enabling him to nimbly adapt to changing setups and capture spontaneous moments a they happen.

Repeat clients in education and training include the University of NSW, Western Sydney University, Pymble Ladies College, TAFE NSW, Kumon Australia & the University of Notre Dame.  

Advertising Photography

Whether the brief requires a trained cat holding a hammer in its mouth, or a cowboy riding a rollercoaster with his trusty steed, Jeremy has seen and worked on a great range of advertising photoshoots over the last 18 years. 

Clients include Amazon, Coca-Cola Amatil, QBE insurance, Blackmores, Volvo, The Smith Family and Foxtel.

Video, TVC & Motion

Whether it be a testimonial, a visually interesting montage or an introduction to your services, it's important to consider video as a part of the marketing plan. High-end cameras can capture both stills and broadcast-quality video which makes changing between the two an opportunity for clients to create more content in their budget and schedule.

Clients include SUEZ, Iron Mountain, Kumon Australia and NAB.


​I have worked with Jeremy for a few years now on a range of projects and have always found him very professional and personable. His work is second to none.

—  Ollie Towning, Six Black Pens

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